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Wildlife Garden: Doorstop: Wood With Mallard Duckling

  • £22.50

WILDLIFE GARDEN  Wood Hand Carved Doorstop Mallard Duckling

Hand carved and hand painted wooden doorstop with duckling motif. A functional gift with a decorative detail for the hallway.

  • Dimensions:18.2 x 7.3 - 9.7 Cm
  • EAN: 7350054763301
  • Material: Hand carved in wood, hand painted in non-toxic paints
  • Description - 

    The wooden doorstop with a lifelike mallard duckling motif is both a decorative and functional gift.  The underside silicone coating prevents the doorstop from slipping.  Carved out of just a single piece of wood with a sweet little duckling at the front. Mallards are superb swimmers and it takes only a few hours after hatching before the ducklings are able to swim.

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