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Wildlife Garden: Bird Nesting Box: Multiholk Half Timber

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From nesting box to bird feeder. Multiholk half-timber functions as a birdhouse in spring and summer and is then converted into a bird feeder in the autumn.

Assembly: Wall bracket and screws are supplied
Capacity:2 l
Colour: Black/ White
Dimensions: 19 x 19.4 x 24.7 cm
Material: Made from solid woods from well-managed forests, 
environmentally friendly colours.
Weight:1 kg

    From nesting box to bird feeder
     Multiholk half-timber functions as a birdhouse in 
spring and summer and is then converted into a 
bird feeder in the autumn. 
It is made from solid wood and painted with eco-friendly paints.

    Nest box during the spring
    Fold up the latch on the inside so that the birds can get in. Place the base of the house as a floor. Now it is ready for move-in!
Feeding birds during the autumn
    Remember to clean out the house before filling it up with food. 
Then fold down the latch so that the 
birds cannot come in and sit in the food. 
The floor is removed and then the whole house is filled up with seed.

Insert perches on the sides.
The food is served! 
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