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Tom's Drag Cat Princess Little Diana

  • £37.50

 Toms Drag Company
Princess; Little Diana

Height     9 cm
Width      5  cm
Depth      6  cm
 Sizes are Approximate

This piece of art has a Toms Drags authenticity logo attached.
Little Diana  is a 100% tom’s Drag cat sculpture.
Decorated with  Gold shoes and Real whiskers & eye lashes
Toms Drag Cats are lively & fun; 
these fantastic & original figures are made from a 
mixture of marble and synthetic resin. 
All are hand painted then decorated 
with numerous details, including glitter feather and ribbons.
Each sculpture is a unique piece of art, most are inspired by the different characters in the world around us.
If you are a Cat Lover or collector no doubt you will find what you are looking for in this collection.
Surprise a loved one with one of these wonderful cats from Toms Drag.

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